Posting Instructions

The goal of this blog is to provide interesting discussion on current research in teaching psychology. The expectation is that each post will include a brief summary of a recent research article in the field of teaching psychology. In addition, a personal discussion on the findings in the article should be included. Please see the post: A Self-Correcting Approach to Multiple-Choice Exams Improves Students’ Learning as an example of format and contents.

All research articles discussed in this blog should be peer-reviewed,  original works. This means that reviews, book chapters, etc. would not be appropriate. There are a number of scholarly journals that publish specifically on teaching psychology. A few of include (but are not limited to):

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology

Teaching of Psychology: Official Journal of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (ToP)

The Psychology Teaching Review (PTR)

Psychology Learning and Teaching (PLAT)

Training and Education in Professional Psychology

I recommend using resources such as the BYU library to access a number of these journals and their contents.

There is no maximum or minimum word count for these posts. However, please write with the reader in mind. Provide enough information and discussion to be interesting. In contrast, do not write so much that a reader might lose interest.


If you are interested in posting please email me with the following information:

– The title, source and published date of the article

– A brief summary of the article topic

– A word document containing the main content for your blog post

– (If interested) A header image to be attached with the post. I will choose an image if none is provided. Try and choose larger, wider images for the best fit.


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