Review of: Outside the classroom and beyond psychology: A citation analysis of the scientific influence of teaching activities

Tomcho, T. J., Foels, R., Walter, M. I., Yerkes, K., Brady, B., Erdman, M., & … Manry, A. (2015). Outside the classroom and beyond psychology: A citation analysis of the scientific influence of teaching activities. Teaching Of Psychology, 42(1), 5-13. doi:10.1177/0098628314562661

This article discusses how students may not be the only ones that benefit from the teaching activities published in Teaching of Psychology, and that that larger scientific literature is also benefiting. It is seen through the enhanced learning outcomes that students get a lot out of different activities and models that are published in the ToP, but now with this information being readily available it is having an effect even outside of the classroom. Authors have argued that now with the rise in interdisciplinary research “psychology researchers, and by extension psychology teaching researchers, are not just disseminating information to other psychologists but rather to a wider community of scientific scholars.” This article goes on to perform an examination of citation patterns can help to find the scientific community benifiting from the Psychology teaching activities.

This article portrays a very interesting aspect on the ideas of sharing information between disciplines. The world is full of divisions in knowledge, whether it be differing majors, careers, etc. But what people need to realize is that there are a lot of things that are interdisciplinary. There is much that can be learned by opening one’s mind to other branches of learning rather than just focusing solely on one discipline. Psychology specifically pertains to many aspects of life and there is much that other disciplines can learn from psychology. I feel that it is very important for people to incorporate all aspects of their lives in order to increase their ability in each area. Teaching techniques can be used in more than just the classroom as this article illustrates, and this should also be taken into account in our individual lives. Students should learn to apply what and how they learn about and from teaching activities in psychology classes to other classes as well as in their personal and relational lives. So many people try to separate their school life from their personal life, but I feel that there is much overlap that is not fully being taken advantage of. I love that this article showed that what is taught in psychology classes can be used for much more than creating better teaching habits, it really exemplifies the ability to incorporate things interdisciplinary as well as in one’s own personal life.


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